setkey() saga

In the previous post I listed the errors I had to correct in order to compile the applications. Error number 6 puzzled me a bit and I asked in the Harbour mailing list.

There is a

SET KEY K_Fx TO myfunc()

but the function in not linked and Harbour linker complains, and Clipper 87 doesn’t.
Since there is a MYFUNC.PRG file, is it compiled automatically by Clipper 87?

The people in the mailing list told me that no, the file is not automatically compiled, linker doesn’t complain but when you press key Fx the program stops and reports a messing function.

I don’t know how Clipper 87 VM works… but the test results are clear.

This made me have a new look at that part of the code and… the program prints in a line on the screen which F keys are active in the form… and this Fx key is not listed! It may be that pressing that keys in the form generates an error in Clipper 87 compiled code !!!!

Thanks to everybody for help and Maurizio for the tests on Clipper 87.

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